Delphine & Amaury’s Wedding – Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Meeting Delphine & Amaury was a reminder to me about how important it is that we chase our dreams and do what makes up happy – not someone else. These two beautiful people, along with their gorgeous 3 year old daughter, have lived in Adelaide for 5 years but only recently returned to Paris (their home town) but chose to come back to Adelaide to marry. Such a wonderful story and the day was even more beautiful.

It was decided that we would do all of their photos together before they officially got married, in the Botanic Gardens. The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have been more delighted with their shots. They were so relaxed and their bridal party were an absolute hoot! I had sore cheeks from all the laughing I did!

Post photo session we moved to the Botanic Park outside the gardens where they were officially married by Celebrant, Mary Fieldhouse. The ceremony was kicked off with their daughter and her little friend tossing rather large confetti into the air! A joy to watch at their crazy enthusiasm to get these circles of tissue paper as high as possible! I must keep this in mind with our wedding next year for our little one who will no doubt be going down the aisle too!

After the ceremony, the guests were served french champagne (of course!) and treated to a rather amazing spread of food where they chatted and laughed before moving onto dinner later that afternoon. Simply beautiful.

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