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With over 13 years experience in Photography and Marketing, Carly’s passion is capturing people with an understanding of what a person
& their business needs to achieve visually. It is Carly’s mission to seek a thorough understanding of what you are after, who you are
targeting your images to and then capturing the ideal image(s) that give you the professional edge.

Carly can provide natural, professional images and exclusively tailor a photo shoot to your brief. Capturing individuals, teams and work place in a
professional and fresh way to give you a renewed look to your business image collection.

Reasons to update your profile image:

A picture tells a thousand words. Getting the right image of you for your professional career or business is important.

Here are just a few reasons to help you know when it’s an appropriate time to get new headshots…

  1. You have a job

Many professionals these days benefit from having a good quality headshot. Anyone in a job, really, who wants to
promote themselves as professional and wants to make an impression with a decent photo rather than one cropped
from last years Christmas party. This simply won’t project the kind of professionalism you aim to exhibit every day in the workplace.

  1. You don’t have  a job

Looking for a job? As shallow as it might seem, people make snap judgements about each other based on appearance.
A professional headshot might not land you a job, but it might give you the edge you need to get your foot in the door,
or get some actual face-time so you can really show them what you’ve got.

  1. You’re Single

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Being single can be fun. But if you are single and you don’t want to be,
your online emissary to the world of potential partners is your dating site profile picture. It works 24/7 for you,
advertising your gorgeous mug to the world. A professional profile photo can round out your gallery of more
casual photos by adding an element of contrast and quality.

  1. You use social media

Do you want to elevate your social media presence? A professional headshot can really have that effect. No
matter what network you’re on, you can tailor your profile picture to really show what you’re all about. Your
profile pictures for various social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter might have different goals and purposes.

Do you want to highlight your professional side? Your fun-loving side? Your goofy side? Your all-encompassing sexiness?
A good professional photographer can help you share your best traits on social media. Besides, a new professional photo
will harvest you a tonne of likes and +1’s!

  1. You are getting older

Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. That’s not necessarily bad, it’s just the truth. Your headshot need to reflect this.
There isn’t anything sadder than seeing someone clinging desperately to a photo that was obviously taken in 1998
and pretending that’s what they look like now. A great way to respect your age & wisdom that comes with it is to get
a spanking new headshot that beautifully captures your increasingly mature and elegant look!



There are many reasons why businesses need high quality photographs of their staff: social media, corporate websites, business newsletters & PR reasons are just a few examples. These images need to capture the culture of the business and they have to be of consistent style too. As well as headshots, many of my corporate clients also want general shots taken inside their workplace with a mixture of on location shots, meetings and customer service.
As with lifestyle shoots, I get to know each business through a pre-shoot visit. I find out more about what they do, but more importantly I learn about the business culture and personality. And of course we discuss the type of images they want and what they need them for.

A pre-visit gives me the chance to scope out the location/ building to find the best spaces for shooting in. I’m also very flexible and clients can choose from a range of photographic styles, from shots against a white background with a full set of professional
lights, to outdoor images utilising the natural light and backdrop, to images of people at their work spaces, &/or serving customers. I usually recommend a good mix of formal shots and more creative, natural images, whenever possible, I make use of natural light. Professional corporate imagery is an important element in your branding and helps make sure your business is always seen in the
best light. If you are looking for dynamic, professional but approachable imagery of your team, please contact me for a personalised quote.

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