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Hey there! Below you will find out a little more about the various shoots I do - Weddings, Families, Baby Bumps & Blossom Studio.

As a people person I want your photo shoot to be fun. It's not a stressful thing and I can assure you I work quickly (especially with children) yet at times, we do slow down to capture candid moments I can see happening. I provide a nice balance of guidance so you have feedback about what I'm capturing and looking to shoot - gentle guidance I prefer to call it.

Chat to me about what you have planned, whether it's your wedding day, a new chapter such as a new baby on the way (or already here!), your beautiful family, a celebration of sorts- family reunions, big birthday celebrations (such as 50th's, 80th's or even 100th birthdays, and so on. 

I look forward to meeting you & getting to know you! 

Carly x

Carly Mangan (previoulsy Hack) is a wedding and family photographer located in the Adelaide area. 

Based in out of her office in Brighton, South Australia, Carly is available for photo shoots all over South Australia.  

Areas include along the coast Semaphore/Grange, Glenelg, Somerton Park, Brighton, Hallet Cove, Port Elliot and Goolwa and Adelaide Hills areas (just to name a few).  


Weddings are one of my favourite events to capture. Every celebration is different and I have been so fortunate over the past 15 years to have captured genuinely wonderful couples and their families.

Here are some points I believe to be important when looking for a wedding photographer...

Calmness - getting married is a big project (no matter how much you try to down play it! I know you want the best!). So I like to provide all of my wedding clients with a cool, calm and collected nature on the day, so you can get on with enjoying it without having to worry about a crazy photographer! I work like a ninja as much as possible to capture all of the beautiful moments and provide guidance on action and movement when needed so you are getting regular feedback. Most importantly I want you to absolutely LOVE your day! 

Communication -  it's important we are all on the same page. I always meet up with my clients pre-wedding so we chat about the schedule, what's important to them, plan priority locations around weather, lighting & shot ideas so the photo shoot is a truly awesome experience. I work with you on the timing so you can enjoy your party and the whole day isn't completely about the photography but rather, seamlessly integrated into it.

Smaller Weddings (time and people) I specialise in offering clients smaller hours of photography that suit their schedules, budget and group size - from 3 to 6 hours (more can be added). You still get the same quality photography in less time, without the big spend.

Photo Memories - All clients are provided with a wonderful range of images that capture their day beautifully. You'd be surprised at how quickly I work and plan my photo shoots so I keep the shoot moving but also giving you a wonderful range of photos. 

My Wedding Photo Shoots come with a USB of high res jpeg images beautifully edited images in a mix colour and black & white. Prices start from $1,450 for 3 hours and 200-300 images on USB up to $2,100 for 6 hours for 600+ images .

Don't forget to grab my Wedding Day Photography Planner Freebie here

I also cater for small weddings.

Chat to me about your wedding day & how I can help put your mind at ease!

Drop me a line if you would like me to send you an online wedding of a similar location to yours.

Baby Bump/Maternity Photo Sessions

Capturing your baby bump is such a fun photo shoot! The last time you will be as just a couple (or with one less child!). I love the sweetness between couples in this time when the world is a completely rosie place! 

Again, photographing outdoors provides the best backdrop and I work with my clients to decide on the best time of day for the most beautiful light. Anytime of the year is good, especially in Adelaide with a lot of sunny days here. 

Photo shoots start at $130 and a double photo shoot with gorgeous keepsake photos and photo books can be included as a double collection. 

Family Photography – Adelaide

Capturing families in the outdoors is always a relaxing experience and results in more candid and fun images. Children can come and go within the scene and I've found it to be a much less stressful experience for parents as they can enjoy the shoot.

I work quickly and try to do all family shoots in less than 45 minutes as most children are ready to go play within that time frame. We take breaks when needed to refresh the kids if required. 

Small Family photo shoots start at $130 for a group of 5 and products start at $250. I will consult with you to find a location that suits your unique style and tastes. Each session is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Larger Family Photoshoots (6-15 persons) are $190. 

Blossom Studio

Blossom Studio is a simply gorgeous location for your photo session -whether it's with your family, your loved one or just the children, it's worth it. As one of my favourite places to shoot, it is a unique location that you will treasure the photos forever. 

It is my vision to capture your family in a beautiful, relaxed way making the most of this wonderful location. 

Blossom Studio has traditionally been run once a year - capturing families during the very short time it is around, however I have an additional location which is in bloom around the start of September. Thus the first bloom is around the middle to end of July or early August - depending on the winter season and then of course the weather once it is here (the wind can simply blow it away!) and the second location is around a month later.  

Bookings or enquiries can taken any time from the start of the year and when the blossom begins to appear photo sessions are booked in. Gift vouchers are also available.

Small Business Photography

Whether you are after a business head shot photo or something a little more like personal branding photo shoot session where we capture the essence of you for your small business - I can help. 

Professional Head shot photos are one of my favourite shoots to do and I love working with people on their photos for use such as Linked In, Facebook, business websites or email signtatures. I have worked with businesses such as The Commonwealth Bank, Flight Centre, More Space for Light and other beautiful small businesses. These include - Christina Wilkie Coaching, Danni from Divine Natural Health

A 20-45 minute Headshot photo shoot for one person is $130 and includes 3 images. 

A 3.5-4 hour Personal Branding Photoshoot is $550 and includes a suite of images for social media/website use.

Message me for the full details.

Carly Mangan (previoulsy Hack) is a wedding and family photographer located in the Adelaide area. 

Based in out of her office in Brighton, South Australia, Carly is available for photo shoots all over South Australia.  

Areas include along the coast Semaphore/Grange, Glenelg, Somerton Park, Brighton, Hallet Cove, Port Elliot and Goolwa and Adelaide Hills areas (just to name a few).  

Photography Expectations

Hello! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and talking with lots of clients about the ways they have been happy with the way I work with them and thought it might be interesting to share some extra detail that I guess I don’t really promote in my quotes to people because they are things that I just do for my clients – mainly because I think it’s important to provide the best service possible to them and ensure they love their wedding or family photo shoots we do.

So here goes…please don’t think I’m tooting my own trumpet – these are some things past customers have said about me and I’m completely flattered!

I’m easy going and fun to be around – I love what I do and have a lot of energy. I’ll work hard to get great shots that you love. It may mean lots of hugs and kisses (not from me – but you with your husband/wife or family! Lol) but they help get some of the best shots. It’s all about connections people make with each other that result in beautiful photos.

I listen to peoples priorities and desires for their photos – this is really important so you are happy with the end result. Obviously I shoot in my own style but I want to hear what you want and what you want to get out of the photo shoot.

I’m professional – yes, I’m a member of the Aipp (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and I do this as my full time job, so it is very important that everything I do – from the way I conduct myself, to the information and products I deliver are of a high level and professional in all aspects.

Being organised – believe it or not, this is really important! I don’t just rock up and shoot a wedding or family. I have a plan! I know what I want to shoot that day, the sorts of shots the client wants, the mood captured, the guest shots. This not only relates to a photo shoot, but also in the preparation to booking a client. There is a small amount of information I collect from clients so I can create a booking and do my paperwork.

Communication – this is a really important thing for me. I believe it’s very important that I communicate with my clients regularly. For weddings, I always catch up within a month to the wedding date to go over the plans for the day so we are on the same page, I’ll even chat to them on the morning of the wedding to discuss weather (if required) and plans of we need to. I talk my clients through the whole process from start to finish so the expectations are set on the table right from the beginning and they know how I work and when they can expect to see their photos, photo books/prints and so forth.

Experience is worth it – I’ve been doing photography for over 12 years and yes, while it started out as a hobby it has developed into a full time job. I have done over 150 weddings and thus have shot in a really large variety of situations/venues and lighting. Experience can’t be underestimated and I can’t describe how disappointed I get when I hear that a bride has trusted her cousin to take a few shots of their wedding and the images didn’t turn out or they didn’t really know how to pose them. It’s not just about being able to use a camera – I’m sure there are plenty of techno savvy people out there who can probably get more out of my camera than me, but I also have more people experience – the skills to work with clients and how to pose and move them, work with beautiful lighting, the ability to put people at ease on their wedding day, work with a change of weather, sew dresses (trust me this has happened – I grew up with a seamstress and can sew!), fix hair and boost the bridal party with gummy bears to keep their energy levels up – amongst many other things.

Not to mention post photo shoot – editing photos so they are natural and timeless. I believe this is really important as styles and fads come and go – this happens with photos too. While I like photos to be representative of the particular time period they are taken in, I like to ensure they remain as classic and appealing for many many years to come.

Images correct straight out of camera – believe it or not, there are lots of people who rely on being able to edit the shots to the correct lighting once the photo shoot is over. While this is possible, it doesn’t get you the best result. Many years ago I used to rely on this too but made myself work on getting the images exactly how I want them, so I can show my clients on the shoot a few shots when I see the image is exactly what I was trying to do. 90-95 percent of my images are good to go straight out of the camera but of course I like to convert some to black and white and I might lighten a few up where the exposure was just off. This not only makes my life easier when it comes to editing, it means the photos are at their best possible resolution and setting for editing.

Using a flash – I think flashes have their place and I know they can be super handy but  I believe you don’t get the true feel for an image if it’s been filled with flash. I don’t think every shot needs to be soft and fluffy but I certainly believe there is room for this to a degree. Don’t get me wrong, flash is super handy when you are shooting indoors in a dark room and without you simply wouldn’t capture the people properly. But I believe in full daylight one should know how to adjust their camera to expose the shot properly.

Price isn’t everything – price is a touchy subject. At the end of the day, we all have a budget to work to. I price my work based on the number of years experience I have, hours that I work on a job and products I produce for clients. If I were to hire a plumber, I would expect to pay a fair rate because I want them to do a good job. The same goes with a photographer. We also work hard (possibly harder than we should) and yes, while many many people can also take images, my income pays for my family meals, school fees, a mortgage and clothes – the usual stuff we need to live.

And an all round nice person – when I shoot weddings I am with clients for often over 6 hours. At the end of the day, we have built up such rapport and friendship, that I am so happy to see them again when it comes to delivering their photos. This is the same with families. I love to hear about peoples stories, what they do, where their kids go to school, what makes them tick. It’s really important to me and I can’t explain why I just like to get to know people. But I find the relationships I develop with people is really great and so if they want to do another photo shoot down the track, it’s great to catch up and hear all about the past year or so and everyone is comfortable – thus resulting in a great photo shoot.


So there you have it! Just a little personal note and I hope you get something out it.

A good photographer...

A good photographer…