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Every wedding is individual and that's what I love about them. Capturing the connections between the bride and the groom, their families and friends is what makes me happy. It's important to me that we meet up, discuss your priorities, how you see your day unfolding and your favourite locations ideas. Together we work out the best plan and the sorts of shots you truly want captured. I'm not into making you jump through hoops instead - capturing beautiful, relaxed, candid moments that genuinely bring you back to that moment everytime you look at that photo. I love what I do and like to bring passion and energy to your wedding day so you get the best photos possible.

Wedding packages start at $2,500 - $4,500 - ranging from 3 hours up. All collections include a photobook and always include digital files. Please contact me for more information. I welcome worldwide travel!

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I don't know about you, but my memory sometimes isn't the best. As the years pass we find our dear memories fading. That is the gift that photography gives us - the ability to freeze these moments (and thus the memories). Your child may not be a perfect ange, you may still carry that weight you don't want, your wedding cake may not have turned out exactly as you planned, but that is your authentic story. When the years tick by and you're old and (dare I say) grey, will these things matter to you? Will they matter to your children and grandchildren? I lost my Nana at the age of 63 and as we sifted through photos I thought of all the missed opportunities. Where was that smile I knew and loved? Why wasn't there a beautiful photo of us with her arms wrapped around us? I'm not a photographer to to put my artistic stamp on your session. I am a photographer to tell your story and give you the moments that I see naturally unfolding. I will do my best to tell your stories beautifully.


The Golden Rule: Be comfortable and Be Able to Move Around!

- Think long flowy dresses or skirts for the ladies. 
- Don't shy away from colours or patterns, as long as they don't clash with what others are wearing. 
- Accessorise! Hats, fun jewellery and scarves are fun to photograph. 
- If you must wear heels, I highly suggest wedges. I will have you move and walk.
- Dress up a bit more than normal.
- Make sure you can raise your arms, walk, spin and sit comfortably.
- For the guys, casual jackets and nice jumpers are preferable to just a dress shirt.
- Consider the location - light pastels for the beach and rich outback tones for the bush or winery locations. Urban shoots should feel a bit more formal than a field or beach location.