Debbie Pucinischi – Personal Brand Photo shoot

[Women in Focus]
Meet Debbie – she is the owner of TIME – Transformation in Mindset Excellence. Debbie’s niche is Money coaching. I met Debbie while I was studying NLP and then we did Hypnotherapy together. Debbie finished Master Prac in NLP this year and has hit the ground running! She is one of those dynamic, growth mindset, amazing women! From the brainstorming session to on the day photo shoot our conversation was nothing less than amazing! As a mindset coach the level on which she talks is so interesting, stimulating that at one point we had to remind ourselves that we needed to crack on with the shoot or we’d be there all day!

For Debbie’s photo shoot we based ourselves on the banks of the River Torrens where we could take advantage of the new buildings being built and the variety of spots we could photograph her in. Being a money mindset focus we wanted to have a background that was professional, interesting and also the fact they matched Debbie’s brand was the icing on the cake!

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