Good to Meet You

Hi! I'm Carly and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer. I have two beautiful children, Ashtyn and Ollie and I share them with my partner, Karl. We enjoy ordinary days together, playing badmington in the backyard, walking our sweet dog, Archie and talking about our future. I became a wedding photographer because I've always had an incessant need to document. It's not just photography that I love, it's the ability to freeze moments in time and allow them to last forever (as as forever as a photograph can last). Moments and memories need not to be perfectly stages, the subjects don't always need to look beautiful, they simply need to be captured because someday you will want to remember them...just for what they are. That alone is beautiful and will be cherished. 

I am quite the chatty person with a love to laugh and a crazy imagination. I love to dance. I love coffee dates with clients and friends. I am an active person. I don't take myself too sersiously. I'm self-taught. I own more clothes than I can fit in my wardrobe. I was an avid seamstress in my high school years. I have an obsession with travelling to new places, any places. I love the smell of the camper trailer canvas, sunscreen and the beach. I talk too loud when I'm nervous or excited. I've recently found a passion for yoga and meditation. I'm enjoying the less noisy monkey mind. 

Favourite Colour:  Yellow
Favourite Food:     Stuffed peppers
Favourite Movie:   The Blues Brothers
Favourite Song:    Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders
Favourite Drink:   Coffee (am) Red Wine (pm)
Favourite Quote:   It's on my info page! 

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