Hello there…

Lovely to meet you!

Hello! I'm Carly and I'm a wedding & family photographer.

I have three beautiful children, Ashtyn, Ollie and our newest addition, Edith! Family is one of the most important things to me! And my fiance, Karl feels the same.  

The photo of me above was taken at Lake Tekapo when I was 6 months pregnant (hence the slight belly over hang!) Who doesn't climb rocks when they're pregnant??!

While the other photo is last year when we got married in Queenstown, New Zealand - the most amazing day ever! (This shot was taken up a Lochnagar - only accessible by helicopter or hiking!).

When I'm not running around after one of these sweet (& slightly crazy) kids you'll find me in my beloved garden - lovingly tending to it to get the Botanic Gardens look as well as making it as edible as possible. I find it somewhat comforting to potter around and keep it tidy, dig in the dirt and see the hard work rewarded with lovely fresh fruit & vegetables.

I love travelling, hanging with my family and friends and when we get the chance - glamping somewhere in this beautiful state! And wherever I go, the camera follows. I love nothing more than taking shots of my gang and the environment which inspires me. In my downtime you will find me relaxing with a coffee or tea in hand.

As a recent NLP and Hypnotherapy graduate I also love to work in the mindset industry and helping people be the best version on themselves! 

I look forward to meeting you and chatting about your photography session and hearing what you have in mind! 


Carly x