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Spreading Christmas love should be easy! Well that’s what I think. I’m a huge lover of the personalised Christmas card and have been doing my own ever since having a family. I always saw it as a way of sharing what’s happened in the year and of course to show how gorgeous my family is! With that in mind, I want you to share your families too! With all Christmas bookings I have thrown in a set of beautifully printed Christmas cards – that your recipients will never want to send to the recycle bin, because they look too darn good!

Bookings are required early as printing time is limited to make the deadline of December 5, including time allowance for editing, design, and delivery.

For my 2016 Christmas family pricing and limited time Bonus Christmas Card, click here.




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421-16-scruffies-winner-deb-nim-1421-16-scruffies-winner-deb-nim-2Earlier this year I ran a competition with Scruffies Pet Food store at Glenelg South. Deb was the lucky winner of first prize – a photo shoot with her family and beloved pet dog, Nim. She was so excited and appreciative, which truly made my heart melt. We hit the park at Marion, where there was a mix of blossom and gorgeous natural surroundings, not to mention an amazing evening of weather. Her two sons, Ryan and Daniel joined us along with the star of the show – Nim!
Nim was so well behaved and with a little bribery of fritz she did all that we asked! It was a pleasure capturing Deb and her family, and also working with the gang at Scruffies Pet food. They make the best dog food (so my Archie tells me!).


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Meeting with Brooke and Luke was like catching up with old friends. It felt like I had known them for years. They are laid back, chatty, fun and so darn friendly – and I was so excited when they chose me to capture their wedding!

The day started out at nearby accommodation in Mt Barker for the boys photos and then a little closer to the venue, in Nairne for the girls shots. What I loved about Brooke and Luke’s wedding was the absolute attention to detail – they didn’t miss a beat and oversaw everything. All the little things made a big difference and gave them a truly personalised day. With Luke’s sign writing occupation Brooke leveraged the tools and connections and set about to making all of her own signage! No easy feat but the results were stunning! As a consequence (and after many flattering comments) she has started her own sign writing business for weddings called Little Bo & Co – simply gorgeous signage and beautiful quality.

Brooke and Luke chose Howard Vineyard in Nairne to tie the knot. And with everything set up I could see why! It was stunning. With the beautiful grounds – offering a plethora of spots to shoot in, the grounds nearest to the cellar door are gorgeous and a big old tree resides for a bit of sun protection and ambience.

Speaking of trees – when we met up at the winery for our pre-wedding catch up, we did a walk around to look at the prospective spots to shoot in and in the far north side there is another massive tree. Upon seeing this gorgeous old tree I declared that this would be amazing if only it had a sweet swing hanging from it! Well Luke more than happily opted to put one in it – if it meant gorgeous photos, he was willing to do it! I don’t really want to know how he got the rope up there but he did it and it was brilliant! The day was glorious. We took advantage of the vineyards, the big ol tree and the grounds.

The day was amazing, the wedding stunning and the love between these two – absolutely gorgeous. The jetted off to the islands of Malaysia and Thailand for a relaxing and romantic get away!

A few of the details of their wedding day…

Brides Dress – Jenny & Gerrys
Bridesmaid Dresses – Paper Scissors Frock
Hair Stylist – Paegan from Fresh Hair and Body, Mawson Lakes
Makeup – Jemma Millar
Guys Suits – Peter Jackson, Harbour Town
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Howard Vineyard
Styling – Little Bo & Co
Cake Maker – Sugar Mumma & Baby Cakes
Honeymoon – Langkawi & Koh Samui



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From the moment I met Jess and Matt I knew it was going to be a truly great wedding day with them. They are so gorgeous together and the way they worked together to create their amazing wedding was admirable. The ceremony was held at Matt’s parent’s house up in Basket Range. An old beautiful house with one of the most stunning gardens around. Not only gorgeous gardens but entertaining areas – the venue was perfect for a wedding and celebratory drinks afterwards because of the little pockets and decks their guests could relax, have a drink and laugh.

The day started out at the Jess’ family home with her girls – 2 sisters and 2 friends. Jess was dressed in a classic strapless dress from The Ultimate Bride while the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses were made by Matt’s grandmother. The girls had their hair done by MA:BE Hair and Make Up Artist, Emily Alver did their make up. Florist, Flower Folly pulled together their well matched bouquets.

Upon arriving at the house in Basket Range, I could see how much work Matt and his family had done to pull together a very well thought out ceremony location, since i had met with them up there a few weeks prior. And with the threat of rain all morning it was a welcome relief to have an exceptionally sunny afternoon that turned out to be quite hot.

Alice Colgrave, was their marriage celebrant and a colleague I have the privilege of working alongside at many weddings (whom I can’t recommend highly enough if you are looking for a truly wonderful celebrant. Jess & Matt’s ceremony was sincerely heartfelt and full of emotion. It was enlightening to see these two let down their guards and simply be in the moment – soaking up every word being said and actually looking into each other’s eyes (you’d be surprised how many people don’t look at each other!).

Drinks, canapés and garden games went into full swing once the kisses and hugs of congratulations were over. Most of the the photos from the day were captured at Basket Range with a collection at Mt Lofty Summit where they headed for their reception. The sunset was particularly amazing that night and the warm glow perfect (for me anyway!). The speeches were warm and at times hilarious!

Overall a beautiful wedding. I hope you enjoy the small snapshot of the shoot.



Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 1Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 6

Adelaide Wedding Photography, Mt Lofty Summit, Basket Range

Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 13

Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 17

Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 18Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 17Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 16Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 15

Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 5Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 3Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 7Jess Matt 27.1.16 W Blog 8

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Last November I had the pleasure of capturing Kate & Jeff on their wedding day. You will have seen their engagement shoot posted here several months ago. You can view their Engagement shoot at West Beach here.

Kate and Jeff met in 2009 at the Stamford Grand after Kate’s New Years party plans fell through and her sister invited her to go out with her instead – fate would have it, that Jeff was one of her sister’s friends and they have been together ever since!

On the day, Kate was dressed in a stunning strapless dress from Jenny & Gerry’s Bridals. Kate’s sister, her bridesmaid was dressed by After Dark. When it came to planning where they would get married, they fell in love with Silvestris at the and their inspiring gardens and how elegant they were. I agree – the gardens are simply stunning and as you can see we had great fun capturing them and their bridal party there. After maximising our time in the gardens we actually took a few minutes in the main street to get a few shots just up from the infamous Clarendon Bakery (where I saw one of the Groomsmen dashing to satisfy his hunger with a doughnut!).
Next stop was Grange Jetty. It was extremely windy but it simply added to the effects of a flying veil.
Kate & Jeff had booked their reception at The Lakes Shore Hotel at West Lakes. The florist – Lee of Wyld Orchids did an amazing job of Kate’s flowers and her suspended flower display filled with peonies was no exception! She trumped it and it looked amazing! They chose this venue because of the views, large space and layout they could have. Not to mention the staff could not do enough for them – bending over backwards at any opportunity. As animal lovers, Kate & Jeff thought by purchasing RSPCA key rings for their bomboniere, so proceeds went back to the RSPCA. The couple partied the night away with their very energetic fans followed by a wonderful honeymoon in Singapore & Thailand to relax and kick back.

Overall it was a truly stunning day and Kate and Jeff had a wonderful day – so did I!

In case you are interested their Adelaide suppliers were:
Ceremony: Silvestri’s, Clarendon
Celebrant: Alice Colgrave
Bride’s Dress: Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal Gowns
Bridesmaid Dress: After Dark
Men’s Suits: Peter Shearer
Hire Car – Limousine: In Vogue
Reception Venue: Lakes Resort
Cake – Sugar & Spice, Goodwood Rd
Florist: Lee of Wyld Orchids
Bomboniere: RSPCA Keyrings

Beautiful Kate

Beautiful Kate

Silvestris Wedding Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Kate Jeff Wedding Silvestris Nov 15 4

Kate Jeff Wedding Silvestris Nov 15 5Kate Jeff Wedding Silvestris Nov 15 6Kate Jeff Wedding Silvestris Nov 15 7Kate Jeff Wedding Silvestris Nov 15 8Kate Jeff Wedding Silvestris Nov 15 9

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Hello! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and talking with lots of clients about the ways they have been happy with the way I work with them and thought it might be interesting to share some extra detail that I guess I don’t really promote in my quotes to people because they are things that I just do for my clients – mainly because I think it’s important to provide the best service possible to them and ensure they love their wedding or family photo shoots we do.

So here goes…please don’t think I’m tooting my own trumpet – these are some things past customers have said about me and I’m completely flattered!

I’m easy going and fun to be around – I love what I do and have a lot of energy. I’ll work hard to get great shots that you love. It may mean lots of hugs and kisses (not from me – but you with your husband/wife or family! Lol) but they help get some of the best shots. It’s all about connections people make with each other that result in beautiful photos.

I listen to peoples priorities and desires for their photos – this is really important so you are happy with the end result. Obviously I shoot in my own style but I want to hear what you want and what you want to get out of the photo shoot.

I’m professional – yes, I’m a member of the Aipp (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and I do this as my full time job, so it is very important that everything I do – from the way I conduct myself, to the information and products I deliver are of a high level and professional in all aspects.

Being organised – believe it or not, this is really important! I don’t just rock up and shoot a wedding or family. I have a plan! I know what I want to shoot that day, the sorts of shots the client wants, the mood captured, the guest shots. This not only relates to a photo shoot, but also in the preparation to booking a client. There is a small amount of information I collect from clients so I can create a booking and do my paperwork.

Communication – this is a really important thing for me. I believe it’s very important that I communicate with my clients regularly. For weddings, I always catch up within a month to the wedding date to go over the plans for the day so we are on the same page, I’ll even chat to them on the morning of the wedding to discuss weather (if required) and plans of we need to. I talk my clients through the whole process from start to finish so the expectations are set on the table right from the beginning and they know how I work and when they can expect to see their photos, photo books/prints and so forth.

Experience is worth it – I’ve been doing photography for over 12 years and yes, while it started out as a hobby it has developed into a full time job. I have done over 150 weddings and thus have shot in a really large variety of situations/venues and lighting. Experience can’t be underestimated and I can’t describe how disappointed I get when I hear that a bride has trusted her cousin to take a few shots of their wedding and the images didn’t turn out or they didn’t really know how to pose them. It’s not just about being able to use a camera – I’m sure there are plenty of techno savvy people out there who can probably get more out of my camera than me, but I also have more people experience – the skills to work with clients and how to pose and move them, work with beautiful lighting, the ability to put people at ease on their wedding day, work with a change of weather, sew dresses (trust me this has happened – I grew up with a seamstress and can sew!), fix hair and boost the bridal party with gummy bears to keep their energy levels up – amongst many other things.

Not to mention post photo shoot – editing photos so they are natural and timeless. I believe this is really important as styles and fads come and go – this happens with photos too. While I like photos to be representative of the particular time period they are taken in, I like to ensure they remain as classic and appealing for many many years to come.

Images correct straight out of camera – believe it or not, there are lots of people who rely on being able to edit the shots to the correct lighting once the photo shoot is over. While this is possible, it doesn’t get you the best result. Many years ago I used to rely on this too but made myself work on getting the images exactly how I want them, so I can show my clients on the shoot a few shots when I see the image is exactly what I was trying to do. 90-95 percent of my images are good to go straight out of the camera but of course I like to convert some to black and white and I might lighten a few up where the exposure was just off. This not only makes my life easier when it comes to editing, it means the photos are at their best possible resolution and setting for editing.

Using a flash – I think flashes have their place and I know they can be super handy but  I believe you don’t get the true feel for an image if it’s been filled with flash. I don’t think every shot needs to be soft and fluffy but I certainly believe there is room for this to a degree. Don’t get me wrong, flash is super handy when you are shooting indoors in a dark room and without you simply wouldn’t capture the people properly. But I believe in full daylight one should know how to adjust their camera to expose the shot properly.

Price isn’t everything – price is a touchy subject. At the end of the day, we all have a budget to work to. I price my work based on the number of years experience I have, hours that I work on a job and products I produce for clients. If I were to hire a plumber, I would expect to pay a fair rate because I want them to do a good job. The same goes with a photographer. We also work hard (possibly harder than we should) and yes, while many many people can also take images, my income pays for my family meals, school fees, a mortgage and clothes – the usual stuff we need to live.

And an all round nice person – when I shoot weddings I am with clients for often over 6 hours. At the end of the day, we have built up such rapport and friendship, that I am so happy to see them again when it comes to delivering their photos. This is the same with families. I love to hear about peoples stories, what they do, where their kids go to school, what makes them tick. It’s really important to me and I can’t explain why I just like to get to know people. But I find the relationships I develop with people is really great and so if they want to do another photo shoot down the track, it’s great to catch up and hear all about the past year or so and everyone is comfortable – thus resulting in a great photo shoot.


So there you have it! Just a little personal note and I hope you get something out it.

A good photographer...

A good photographer…


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For the month of March if you book your wedding at Glenelg Golf Club you will receive a gift – an Engagement Photo shoot with me, Carly Hack Photography, plus a Guest Best Wishes photo book for your wedding day and Glenelg Golf Club will provide a bottle of wine with a tasting plate for the Engaged couple to share after the photo shoot. Our little way of celebrating your wonderful engagement!


Book your wedding at Glenelg Golf Club to receive  a bonus gift!

Book your wedding at Glenelg Golf Club to receive a bonus gift! #engagementphotography #carlyhackphotography #glenelggolfclubweddings #glenelggolfclub, #adelaideweddings #beachsideweddings 

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I am super excited to be offering a special gift with the Glenelg Golf Club for any weddings booked at their venue. For more info – keep your eye out this Sunday for more details!

Perfect Day out to a tee_yay

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It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to capture Rebecca & Marek’s wedding this past summer. Some 9 years ago I photographed her sister’s wedding where Rebecca was a bridesmaid. She told me sweetly, that it was always her intention that she would hire me when it came to her time to be married! I was truly flattered.

When we met for our pre-wedding catch up to go over the plans, I knew it was going to be a brilliant day with what they had organised. Together we finalised our plan of action for photo shoot locations before and after the wedding.

A little background history on these two sweet things – they met 8 years ago through work. Apparently Marek was repairing the printer and took a little longer as he worked up the courage to ask Rebecca out!

On the day…

Rebecca and her bridesmaids prepared at the Mayfair Hotel, on the corner of Hindley & King William Streets. We had private access to the Rooftop bar which was a perfect setting to get the shoot started. Rebecca was dressed in an elegant cream silk dress by Elegant Alternatives.  From here they jumped into the super cute yellow Kombis, by Kombis 4U.

The girls travelled to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to walk down the aisle on the Palm House Lawns. The Botanic Gardens were chosen as it was a special place Rebecca and her family used to come for picnics as children. The Palm House was the perfect backdrop and the weather matched perfectly!

Catherine Lange (celebrant) married Rebecca and Marek and there were many a tear shed with their really sweet ceremony. Once the ceremony was complete and they were officially announced, after many hugs and kisses the big group congregated on the steps of the Palm House for a large group photo.

After a few quick snaps on the Palm House steps the group hot footed it to the Kombis waiting outside the gates. Here the group feasted on Golden GayTime Icecreams! On such a warm day they were a welcome sugar hit that cooled everyone off! And for me, made great shots!

In the Kombi’s we travelled up to King William Street where they waved farewell to the Kombis. The photo shoot continued along North Terrace, King William Street and into the Mayfair Hotel. The group were greeted with a selection of hors’ d’oeuvres at the Hennessy Rooftop bar. Final bride and groom shots were taken before the group were escorted down to their reception room to be welcomed by guests.

During the evening the guests enjoyed the lavish lolly bar and later enjoyed their 3 tier Ivory cake with a shimmer finish – made by Angel Cakes. The cake topper was made by a local Adelaide business, Oxee and looked super cute! The guests were treated to unique bomboniere – Organic Soaps from Queensland, in either Vanilla or Sweet orange.

The rest of the night was fantastic and up to every expectation they had, and more! Several days later they honeymooned in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Congratulations Rebecca & Marek!


Wedding Dress: Elegant Alternatives; Bridesmaid Dresses: Forever New; Hair Stylist: Constanza from Salon Fletcher; Makeup Artist: Daniella Repuano; Florist: Bloombox; Men’s Suits: Ferrari Formalwear; Car Hire: Kombis 4 U; Reception Venue: The Mayfair Hotel; Ceremony Venue: The Palm House lawns in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens; Cake: Angel Cakes, Cake topper: Oxee from Etsy

Rebecca & Marek's Wedding

Rebecca & Marek’s Wedding

CarlyHack photography_city wedding 2

CarlyHack photography_city wedding 1

CarlyHack photography_kombi adelaide wedding 5

CarlyHack photography_city wedding 6

CarlyHack photography_adelaide wedding 7

CarlyHack photography_city wedding 8



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